Introduction is an organization renowned for offering unrivaled lodging accommodation solutions across North America. The company has received accolades for providing organizations with mobile workforces to reduce their lodging expenditures, while increasing productivity. This is what is greatly acknowledged for.

Success that the company has achieved so far could not have been possible without an active and knowledgeable management team. And one of the key forces guiding along the way is Amber Schofman, Vice President of the company. She believes in translating ideas into reality, thereby enabling the company to redefine commitment and service. Innovative, successful, cost-effective and steadfast are focus for its clients.

Her career spectrum

Amber hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. With great knowledge about systems and operations managements, she has been a driving force behind all infrastructure, processes and procedures for Her knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry has enabled the company to consistently improve, simplify and synchronize steps for its clients.

She proficiently manages the company’s daily operations and team members. With her vast experience on the operations side, she understands exact requirements of partner facilities across the country to ensure the highest quality and most satisfactory stays for the client’s personnel.

Being an experienced manager with more than 18 years of management experience, Amber works in coordination with facilities in order to ensure departments are properly managing all reservations and acts as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, the facility and our operations staff.

Owing to her exceptional management acumen, has been able to provide the best possible solutions related to personnel lodging. Along with this, she has more than fifteen years of experience in property and facility management understanding what it takes to manage crew stays from the logistics side.

Amber Schofman has worked with organizations like Central Properties Inc., Roberts Communities, CWS Apartments, and Ameriplan USA Corporation, Work force Lodging Company.

Career Path

Amber Schofman, Vice President of – a travel management advisory company – spells determination and unrivaled managerial acumen. With her hands-on experience and ability to understand the needs of our client companies, she has been a vital resource for

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Amber Schofman, Vice President at, pronounces unrivalled experience and knowledge in critical domains like property management, corporate housing and work lodging industries.



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