• Amber Schofman – Her focus at CrewFacilities.com

    CrewFacilities.com is the one-stop destination for the organizations seeking innovative lodging solutions in remote locations. Whether you are deploying a group of construction personnel or sending the most efficient team of employees anywhere in North America to an on-site project, Amber will lead the operations team to make sure everything goes as scheduled.

    Who is Amber Schofman?
    She is the Vice President of CrewFacilities.com, a popular name in crew travel management and logistics. Leading the Operations Team at Crewfcailities.com, she is always involved in all major company processes, such as working as the team liaison between client’s corporate office, regional officer, crew supervisor, crew members and the facility to ensure a hassle free and convenient stay.

    Amber’s focus
    As co-founder of Crewfacilities.com, Amber Schofman assists in the major operations and processes required in lodging management for CrewFacilities.com. With her keen understanding of the Client’s requirements and focus on meeting the client’s expectations, she manages the team to offer the best lodging costs, while providing a comfortable stay and experience.

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