• Amber Schofman – How she played a part in fostering the success of CrewFacilities.com

    Amber Schofman, Vice President and Co-Founder of CrewFacilities.com, is a successful property management, corporate housing and work lodging professional. Her strong values and commitment towards 100% customer satisfaction have made CrewFacilities.com thrive in the crew logistics and travel management industry.

    Owing to her knowledge about the market and deep understanding of evolving expectations of clients, CrewFacilities.com has been able to provide customized travel and lodging solutions.

    Amber Schofman is known for her “can-do” attitude and a willingness to solve challenges always ensuring a solution. Her continual knowledge of current market trends, along with the company client expectations are key to success. She leads the operations the team to provide appropriate solutions related to the following areas:

    • Lodging Expenditure Reduction
    • Employee Travel
    • Travel Management
    • Strategic Procurement
    • Customized Reporting Technology
    • Credit Solutions
    • Real Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting
    • Crew Facilities Standardization of Facility Vetting
    • Property management
    • Corporate housing
    • Work lodging industries

    How Amber Schofman drives CrewFacilities.com to provide top services

    Amber Schofman has deep understanding of property management and lodging industry, which enables CrewFacilities.com to provide business to business services. Her knowledge in systems and operations management assists the company with critical tasks related to operations, policies and work flow.

    Her responsibilities also includes managing and monitoring company’s staff members interfacing with partner facilities in order to manage reservation transactions, act as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, and crew members and management.

    Further, she leads the operations personnel of CrewFacilities as they continuously monitor the operations side and requirements, synchronizing between clients and partner facilities across the USA.

    This is how, Amber Schofman enables CrewFacilities.com to deliver lodging management solutions.

    A preview of her professional bio.
    Community Director, Central Properties, Inc.
    Duties Include:

    • Maintaining a number of apartment communities in the North/North Central Austin area
    • Collecting and processing applications
    • Scheduling paperwork processing and move-in dates
    • Processing rents, posting notices and following up on late payments
    • Ensuring compliance with Community Policies and Guidelines
    • Maintaining contact with prospective tenants
    • Managing all make ready projects and ensure each unit is move-in ready by its lease date
    • Scheduling and executing showings
    • Pre-assigning units
    • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
    • Managing general administrative duties

    Community Director, Roberts Communities
    Duties Include:

    • Managing all aspects of Community Office Management
    • Liaising between community residents and corporate officers
    • Maintaining community
    • Maintaining accounts, like payable, receivable, payroll, budget
    • Managing human resources
    • Managing general administrative duties

    CWS Apartments, Community Assistant Director
    Duties Include:

    • Managing all aspects of community office management
    • Supporting community director
    • Liaising between community residents and Community Director
    • Maintaining of community
    • Managing human resources
    • Providing budget-support to director
    • Managing accounts payable and receivable
    • Performing general administrative duties

    Executive Assistant, AmeriplanUSA Corporation
    Duties Include:

    • Assisting Divisional Director as well as field representatives
    • Maintaining travel scheduling for Divisional Director
    • Maintaining organized records systems
    • Managing media production for various meetings
    • Mediating between field representatives when necessary
    • Assisting with National Conventions and Conferences

    Experience gained by Amber Schofman over the years has proved vital for the success of CrewFacilities.com

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