• Amber Schofman – Take a Glance at Her Outstanding Career

    CrewFacilities.com is a personnel travel management company, renowned for providing unrivaled lodging accommodation solutions across North America. The company is acknowledged for its crew logistic solutions that assist organizations with mobile workforces a way to reduce their lodging expenditures.

    Amber Schofman, Vice President of CrewFacilities.com, believes in translating ideas into reality, which foster the company to redefine commitment and service.

    Take a look at her spectrum
    Amber hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. Her knowledge has been a driving force behind the organization’s infrastructure, processes and procedures. This is how the company to consistently improves and simplifies crew logistics.

    Amber Schofman is responsible for managing the company’s daily operations. Owing to her vast experience in operations, she understands the requirements of the clients and ensures to provide the most satisfactory travel transactions with partner facilities across the US.

    Amber Schofman is an experienced manager with more than two decades of experience in the industry. It is due to her management acumen that CrewFacilities.com has been able to continually strive to upgrade their client travel policies, procedures and culture.

    Visit Amber Schofman personal website to know more about her.

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