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    Looking for a trusted employee travel management and logistics company? Crewfacilities.com is the one to vet and take advantage of their 60 day trial. It is a trusted employee travel management and logistics company, serving a diverse clientele from a variety of industries across North America. Businesses choose Crewfacilities.com over many others because it provides end-to-end, business-to-business corporate travel and logistics management solutions.

    Businesses with crews travelling overnight often have a tight budget, while they want to make their projects most profitable. Crewfacilities.com works towards reducing their travel and lodging expense by streamlining in-house administrative labor (e.g. travel reservations, facility booking, tracking the number of rooms empty/occupied during reservation), negotiating room rates, making procurements, managing credit cards/dispatches and auditing the final facility bill. All this further ensures a smooth travel experience, at the same time reduces overall expenses.

    CrewFacilities.com makes even the setup and 60 day trial a simple and quick setup. When contacting them, you will receive fully-customized employee lodging solutions, which are innovative and to perfectly fit your businesses current travel culture and requirements. Crewfacilities.com works as a liaison between all of the different parties involved to ensure smooth communication, top quality facility, optimal team productivity and elimination of unnecessary costs from the final facility invoice.

    Crewfacilities.com offers you:

    • Overall employee travel cost reduction
    • Reduction for your in-house administrative labor required to handle travel
    • Customized, streamlined and innovative program
    • Audited invoices
    • Client portal for quick access to new reservations and reporting.

    CrewFacts.com Smartphone app for Iphone and Android makes submitting reservations fast and easy no matter where you are located out on the road.
    Services offered by the Crew Facilities include analyzing and evaluating current travel and offering the trial program to prove out actual cost savings from 22.5 to 34.85% off what clients had been spending on their own. It is also critically important for CrewFacilities.com to offer its customers and their personnel a better customer experience. And a solution in all areas, even if hotels are full or in a remote location where there are few options. CrewFacilities.com will always have a selection of options to solve the biggest travel challenges. The company has clients from a range of industry verticals including:

    • Department of Transportation
    • Government, State, Municipal
    • Education
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Oil & Gas
    • Construction

    As a partner, CrewFacilities.com ensures businesses with crew travelling overnight benefit by obtaining:

    • Top quality facilities at competitive rates
    • Lodging nearby the job-site coordinates or address
    • Single point of contact concerning all major operations, 24/7/365
    • Simplified and streamlined travel/lodging/logistics management
    • Assurance of only vetted and pre-qualified lodges, camp brands, and hotels.
    • And, express check-in.

    Amber Schofman, VP of the Company

    Amber Schofman is the co-founder and Vice President of the company. She oversees the company’s major operations along with team’s training and management since its launch. Owing to her knowledge and hands-on experience in the crew lodging and logistics industry, Crewfacilities.com is now being retained by some of the largest organizations with mobile workforces across North America. Be it about managing travel coordinators or forming new travel policies, she ensures success and 100% client-satisfaction.
    Amber monitors all the departments involved in the reservation transactions to work in sync, with the client, the facility. She works as a liaison between all departments, organizations, and facilities in the loop ensuring things are done in a simplified and expedited time frame.
    • Strategic procurement solutions
    • Customized reporting in real time
    • Quick and easy credit solutions so you don’t have to use company credit cards for travel
    • Scheduling and dispatch. We manage and track your changes and make arrangements so you don’t have to.

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