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    Crews traveling to remote job sites ensures obstacles and issues in finding quality facilities, closest to the job site cordinates, that understand the requirements for crews away from home and their 24 hour shift schedules. In addition, there are administrative research and costs in finding and negotiating with the facilities, setting up direct bill accounts when possible. And then managing the reservation, from virtually checking in all personnel to make sure everyone doubles up and there are no unathorized rooms added for those that demand a single occupancy room. Then tracking the rooms that are occupied during the stay to eliminate empty rooms and empty beds. Then reviewing and forensically auditing the final invoice for unnecessary charges, such as increased number of rooms and nights, increased room rates, incidentals and the like. And not to forget about vetting the facility prior to booking the rooms and having your crews arrive to check in. You need an outsourced crew travel management and advisory service for this long and labor-intensive process to assist in streamlining your crew travel requirements and in a expedited time frame.

    If a company initially chooses in handling this oversight in house to assessing hotels and conduct inspections for health, safety and environmental issues, chances are you are spending at least 30% more than if you outsourced to providers that special in travel management. Moreover, you will need ample time to check the facility’s adherence to safety, health and environmental standards. An outsourced travel management team should take care of the every bit of your journey. Right from managing administrative duties till your team wraps up the trip, the outsourced team will be at your disposal 24 x 7.

    About the launch of CrewFacilities.com
    Crewfacilities.com is a full-service crew travel management and advisory company, offering comprehensive and one-stop travel management solutions for mobile workforces. The company founders have managed thousands of rooms per night over their years in the industry. Amber Schofman, the co-founder of CrewFacilities.com manages all major operations the company. She works with her team to customize the travel policies for each of their clients for utmost productivity and higher returns overall. Crew logistics management requires time, patience and high detail to manage every single person on the ground, every moment of the 24 hour day. Not to mention the need to remain flexible and find solutions for all the last minute job schedule and crew changes. Companies on the ground have a job to do, and don’t need to worry about dispatch and logistics and remembering to book and cancel lodging accommodations.

    Crewfacilities.com encourages streamlined and transparent travel management solutions to ensure clients are making the most of their time and assigned project. That requires top seasoned travel management professionals, makes sure the client’s unnecessary expenses are controlled through a daily reporting system.

    Key travel management solutions offered by Crewfacilities.com

    Simplified communication access

    Seamless communication is vital to the success of any business and the network must remain up and functional around the clock. Crewfacilities.com provides streamlined communication between departments, crews, shifts, corporate and regional offices, facilities. To ensure is no miscommunication or communication gap.

    Reduced travel costs to meet your annual budget
    Crewfacilities.com is known for providing expedient lodging solutions in crew travel management and logistics. To ensure a reduction in personnel travel costs, it is important to create and implement a travel policy for all company personnel. In addition to assistance in travel policies, CrewFacilities.com focuses on reducing current travel costs and ensuring all facilities meet a Client’s health, safety and environmental standards.

    Easy-to-understand corporate data and reporting
    Organizations with crews traveling overnight require real-time data. Crewfacilities.com offers complete crew tracking and real time access to data for crew logistics. Updating a home office with the location and status for each crew member is critical and sometimes a very daunting task. CrewFacilities.com eliminates that challenge with its innovative client portal and smartphone application, and reporting in real time history.

    Whom to contact
    Amber Schofman, co-founder of CrewFacilities assists in oversight of the company’s operations. Her experience in crew travel management, lodging and logistics spans many years. She prides herself on delivering the clients’ exact requirements by not compromising quality or cost during the process.

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